Mackenzie Browning is a Canadian artist whose primary mediums include screen-print, book arts, and print-based sculpture. Blurring the boundaries between design, craft, and fine art, Mackenzie’s aesthetic is characterized by its bold, meticulous, and inventive approach. Constantly pushing the technical boundaries of the CMYK printing process, his artwork often results in intricate and multi-layered imagery that invites reflection on the natural world.

Drawing inspiration from the rural landscape of his upbringing in Southern Ontario, Mackenzie’s creations and installations explore the concept of barriers, both physical and emotional. Through his work, he seeks to challenge viewers to reflect on the boundaries that exist in our world, often producing installations that become architectural in nature. The resulting pieces evoke a sense of interconnectedness and wonder, inviting viewers to consider the complexity and beauty of the natural world.

Ultimately, Mackenzie’s goal as an artist is to encourage a deeper engagement with the natural world and to inspire curiosity, empathy, and a sense of wonder in those who experience his work.