Mackenzie Browning is a Hamilton based, Canadian artist who works primarily in screen-print, book arts, and print based sculpture. Mackenzie’s aesthetic can be described as bold, meticulous, and inventive, often blurring the lines between design, craft and fine art. His artworks are constantly pushing personal technical boundaries, often becoming architectural in nature. Mackenzie’s creations and installations reflect both his past and present lived experiences, a personal history that has primarily taken place in the suburban construct.

Mackenzie grew up in contrasting landscapes. He spent his childhood on a one hundred acre Canadian sheep farm, before moving to several different small cities and suburban settings. Mackenzie uses the foundations of his rural upbringing as a strong counterpoint in his printmaking practice. His rural upbringing created an endless degree of respect for flora and fauna, this admiration is reflected in his print based installations, drawings, and sculptures. The forcefully fabricated setting of the suburban environment has distanced Mackenzie’s interaction with what is truly natural. Mackenzie’s obsession over nature and his personal history of contrasting constructed environments are common motifs in his print based art practice.

Mackenzie holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Saskatchewan and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) degree from Queen’s University.




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